Mitzvah Day Ad with Bet David“Mitzvah”, a wonderfully expressive Hebrew word, has two distinct meanings. The first is a commandment of the Jewish law; the second is a meritorious or charitable act.

For the “Mitzvah Day 2015” on 22 November 2015, various religious groups have committed themselves to working together on a theme of “Bringing light to the people of South Africa.” Our campaign is aimed at making a difference to many who live in abject squalor and poverty in the dreadful squatter camps that are such a blight on our society. These families have no access to electricity, no lights, no heating, and are forced to rely upon paraffin lamps which, while being fairly ineffective, are at the same time frighteningly dangerous and have resulted in tragedies too numerous to mention.

But we have an answer: specialized solar lights, that can provide up to 60 hours of cost free light, are charged by exposure to sunlight, and which simultaneously protect the environment from the damaging effect of pollution.

For a mere R100 per unit, the lives of these families will be irrevocably changed, but for the better. And this is where you can help – your much appreciated donations will bring light into their lives. Can we count on your support? I hope so – because that is the essence of Mitzvah day: doing meritorious or charitable acts for those who have so much less. Please join BET DAVID in this important event.

Details available at the office: