The crisis that erupted last week over matters of conversion and equal access to the Western Wall has yet to be resolved. 

At the conclusion of last week‘s shabbat, several 100 friends, supporters and members of the Progressive movements in Israel gathered in front of the residence of PM Netanyahu in Jerusalem, showing their disapointment with his government‘s politics. This was a meaningful beginning, but only a beginning. We all need to stand hand in hand together in protecting core Jewish values: Judaism is impartible and all Jews are equal.

Please consider sending an email to the Israeli Ambassador to South Africa:, and if you can, please support the Women of the Wall nancially (see Anat Ho man‘s letter below).

Thank you all for your support. 

Shabbat Shalom 

Rabbi Adrian M Schell 

“The decision of Prime Minister Netanyahu to renege on the Kotel agreement for a pluralistic prayer space has angered you – and us. The government lacks the courage to stand up to the ultra-Orthodox and do what was promised – make Israel a place that welcomes ALL Jews.

It is said that “love remains after you know the truth.” Lovers of Israel learned the ugly truth that has rocked the Jewish world. Some people, those experiencing
“puppy love,” want to disengage. But passionate lovers of Israel must unite to repair the damage inflicted upon our beloved country. 

Turn your anger into a positive action.
We have reached a pivotal time and your donation to WOW of $18, $36, $180 or any amount is essential for: 

1. Legal expenses for WOW’s representation by the strongest legal team in Israel; 

2. Mobiliztion and transportation of supporters to attend protests and be on the front lines; 

3. Expansion of the WOW Bat Mitzvah program for Israeli girls: training and mentoring the next generation of female leaders. 

You believe in the future of the Jewish homeland. You know WOW is a powerful force leading the fight for social change.

Now’s the time. Donate now.
As ever,