gestern laß ich auf dem blog “JewsByChoice.Org” einen artikel, der mich doch ein wenig nachdenklich gemacht hat:

Welcome to the Hunted
(by David 7.3.2008)

My previous post seems terribly self-indulgent, especially in light of yesterday’s slaughter at Yeshiva Mercaz Harav in Israel.
… As if that weren’t cruel enough, those who were murdered were mere boys, studying their tradition, practicing their religion. They could not have been more innocent. Oh, wait. Scratch that: they were Jewish.

So, fellow Jews by Choice: I am honored to count you, along with myself, among the hunted, the despised and the maligned. If an innocent boy can be deliberately targeted in Israel, then we all have bull’s eyes on our backs, and over our hearts. It takes a brave soul, a soul that is called, to choose to join that company.

Prayer and contemplation, study and mitzvot and acts of tzedaka are important now; but so is steadfastness of purpose, and the refusal to be intimidated away from being Jewish.

A tough job that will only get tougher.

Let’s hang together, as Benjamin Franklin said, or we shall surely hang separately.

über die motivation zum judentum zu konvertieren wird immer wieder diskutiert. ich hatte bereits in meinem vorherigen text erwähnt, dass es von jüdischer seite keinen religiösen grund gibt, dass jemand zum judentum konvertiert, wenn er “anteil an der kommenden welt”* haben will. ein mindestmaß an menschlichkeit und sozialem verhalten langt. wer gerecht lebt, ist dabei (um es kurz und knapp auszudrücken). Continue reading