Repentance is acceptable, the Rabbis teach, at any time, but the special time for repentance is the season from Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur, the Ten Days of Penitence, our High Holy Days. In all the rabbinic sources, repentance involves two things: remorse at having sinned and confession of the sin. The numerous rabbinic statements regarding sin and repentance are scattered through the rabbinic literature and are not presented in any systematic form, nor linked to only specific rituals, giving us an idea of the openness and fluidity on how we can find our own personal path and approach to find back to the Eternal.

Shabbat Shalom—Rabbi Adrian M Schell

Take Us Back

       A precious teaching I have given you:

My Torah. Do not forsake it.

       A Tree of Life to those who hold it fast:

all who embrace it know happiness.

       Its ways are ways of pleasantness,

and all its paths are peace.

       Take us back, Adonai —

let us come back to You.

      Renew in our time the days of old.

   Quote: Mishkan HaNefesh: Yom Kippur:
Machzor for the Days  of Awe (Page 353).