who calls us to conscience,
reminds us of our own strength,
invites us to grow,
empowers us to act.
     Cosmic mysteries are Yours,
     but the earth is ours
     to tend and heal as best we can.
          Beloved Partner in creation,
          we join our strength with Yours
          to make You real and true.
To find a friend in God seems sometimes to be difficult or even
awkward, especially in times when our tradition calls us to see God as our king and judge of the world. But, perhaps here we can find one of the wonderful bridges our liturgy has built for us: While we call God *Malkeinu*, our King, we call God also *Avinu*, our Parent. While we address God with *Eloheinu*, we also use the very personal *ata*, you. With our words we open the door to come closer to God, to feel God‘s presence in our lives.
May you always find the right words to address God, when you need God to be close to you—as a king, as a judge, as a friend.
Shabbat Shalom—Rabbi Adrian M Schell
Quote: Mishkan HaNefesh: Rosh HaShanah:
Machzor for the Days of Awe (Page 139).