Video von Noam Shalit

Heute bekam ich folgende Email, deren Bitte ich hiermit gerne erfülle. Bitte schließt Euch alle an:

(c) Wikipaedia // 2009 גלעד שליט בקלטת שהתפרסמה ב-2 באוקטובר Gilad’s Shalit’s father made a video clip on occasion of Yom Ha’atzmaut which has only had 7000 hits. That must be disheartening for the Shalits. I encourage everyone to watch and to send on to their family, friends, lists etc. For the bloggers on this list please help spread the word. Schools should encourage students to watch after all that is who Noam Shalit is addressing.

Wikieintrag über Gilad in Englisch, Deutsch, Hebräisch.

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  1. Chayim

    Starkes Video. Das solten alle sehen.

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